System for Small Herds: Bucket Milking

Efficient milking with a milking bucket: Milking buckets are an ideal, customizable solution for smaller operations. The variety of different additional components available for the bucket milking system allow you to create the perfect milking solution for your dairy.

The milking buckets from GEA are made out of stainless steel. They are easy to clean and resistant to aggressive substances. The shape gives optimum balance and is designed for the easiest and most comfortable transportation. Buckets are available in 20, 27 and 33 liter capacity.

Great design for high milk quality

The bucket lids have a curved inlet nozzle which conducts the milk very gently down to the bucket inside wall. That is why the milk retains its full fat quality. Due to an integrated safety valve the milk cannot overflow. By this means damage at the pulsator can be reliably prevented. 

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