Boost the performance of your lauter tun and improve product quality

GEA Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM)

GEA Multifunctional Lautering Management is a software developed for the continuous monitoring of the lautering process that initiates interventions to optimize your lautering in real-time. It compensates for variations in raw material quality so the brewmaster doesn’t need to do it manually.

GEA Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM)

The lauter tun is already a bottleneck in many brewhousesand the demand for increased yield, and shorter or more consistent lautering time scan increase that pressure even more. Despite there being countless parameters that can be set at recipe level that may have a positive influence, it’s rare for any brewhouse to spend the time to optimize this essential process. There is just too much else to do handling daily issues.

Your challenges

Are you operating your lauter tun at optimum performance on all process parameters at all times? Have you ever thought of using smart software to secure the highest lauter tun processing performance automatically? Would you like to ensure optimal efficiency during the entire operation by adding an automatic software module, independently or on top of mechanical and physical devices? If you would, Multifunctioning Lautering Management (MLM) from GEA will provide all you need.

Get the maximum from your lautering process with MLM from GEA

GEA can bring your existing system up to the performance standards of the GEA LAUTERSTAR® 2.0. You can choose between higher yields, faster throughput speeds (capacity) or a mixture of both. Optimizing the lauter tun shortens the lautering process (and ancillary steps) and leads to a higher brewhouse capacity. Yield increases of up to two percentage points have been achieved.

GEA MLM provides intelligent control technology for the complex and sensitive lautering process to give you shorter lautering times, higher yields and lower turbidity values. Variations in raw material quality are quickly detected and automatically balanced. Excellent results are no accident, they are the result of consistently applied know-how. The software module combines GEA process and automation know-how with your brewing schedule, individual product parameters and current process data.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Consistent process time and improved plant availability
  • Minimum lautering time and maximum utilization
  • Increased lauter tun yield
  • Automatic process adjustment in case of raw material fluctuations
  • Dynamic set points for raking machine, water handling and flow control
  • High software stability due to integration of the control system

How to start with GEA Multifunctional Lautering Management

You can start implementation through GEA Brewhouse Performance Boost a specific dedicated operation to optimize lautering. GEA process specialists will record the status and check optimization options. With the aid of a comprehensive report, the specialists in the back office will also identify any requirement for new instrumentation. We will then work with you to set an appropriate schedule for the installation of new instrumentation and for software integration. This whole process will take no more than five days, during which time only limited production will be possible. Commissioning then continues during ongoing production. Your production will be restricted for the minimum possible time. Sometimes software integration can be performed remotely.

GEA – your dedicated brewery expert

At GEA we understand the process, we know what is important in beer production and your need to produce a high-quality product in a sustainable way.  This has resulted in GEA MLM being installed in dozens of breweries worldwide, providing a great improvement for our customers, regardless of the age of their equipment.  

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