Make the best use of energy in your brewhouse

GEA Intelligent Wort Boiling Management (IWM)

Wort boiling is the process step that uses the most energy in your brewhouse. The standard wort boiling process is related to static parameters – independent from boiling volume and energy consumption. When the parameters for each recipe have been entered, you can no longer make changes, even if the environment affects the process.

Optimize wort boiling in your brewhouse with GEA IWM

Would you like to combat increasing energy prices by reducing consumption? Achieve a better product through more consistent evaporation? Cut your CO2 emission taxes? Reduce your downtime and cleaning costs? Modernise your brewhouse with the most efficient equipment?  Intelligent Wort Boiling Management (IWM) from GEA will provide you with all of this, and more.

The best wort boiling process without manual intervention

GEA IWM is a combination of the right instrumentation and PLC software that directly influences your process parameters for wort boiling. The steam and condensate quality are monitored by the comprehensive sensor system and matched with the calculated energy consumption. This lets you determine new parameters that directly influence the wort boiling settings during evaporation. The application continually assesses the optimum settings and makes adjustments automatically. This ensures that you achieve the best possible results, without manual intervention.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced downtime and cleaning costs
  • Controlled thermal energy input
  • Greater flexibility and improved transparency
  • Highest product quality
  • Global support
  • Fast ROI (normally within 3 years)

How to start with GEA Intelligent Wort Boiling Management

You can start implementation through GEA Performance Boost or a specific dedicated operation to optimise wort boiling. GEA process specialists will record the status and check optimisation options. With the aid of a comprehensive report, the specialists in the back office will also identify any requirement for new instrumentation. We will then work with you to set an appropriate schedule for the installation of new instrumentation and for software integration.  This whole process will take no more than two days, during which time only limited production will be possible. Commissioning then continues during ongoing production. Your production will be restricted for the minimum possible time. Sometimes software integration can be performed remotely.

GEA your dedicated brewery expert

At GEA we understand the process, we know what is important in beer production and your need to produce a high-quality product in a sustainable way.  This has resulted in IWM being installed in dozens of breweries worldwide, providing a great improvement for our customers, regardless of the age of their equipment.  


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