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GEA InsightPartner Brewery

GEA InsightPartner Brewery is a GEA digital service that provides a unique insight into your brewery’s performance in productivity, quality and sustainability through intelligent GEA software and GEA consultancy services.

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Keeping production on track

Every brewery follows a set of recipes, but as the quality of raw materials changes, incremental adjustments in the recipe may be necessary to maintain productivity and quality. GEA InsightPartner software continuously analyzes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify patterns and trends that can be used to improve efficiency. This means operation staff can, for example, discuss data-driven performance in their daily meetings and make the necessary adjustments to bring everything back on track. 


GEA InsightPartner will also provide high-level insight to team leads on production progress against a weekly plan. The system follows the duration of each brew to indicate the time performance and update a real-time prediction of how the week plan will conclude. This insight enables you to adjust the week plan to obtain best possible productivity from the process units.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Empowering operators to be proactive to improve performance deviations.
  • Providing team leads with actionable insight on how to optimize scheduled production.
  • Sharing GEA experience on how the performance of production equipment can be improved. 
  • Providing an holistic view on the brewery performance with GEA brewmaster Performance Care services. 

Following and predicting KPI development in real-time

By using data analysis and predictive modelling, GEA InsightPartner can forecast key performance indicators and help you anticipate future challenges. So rather than wait for a brew to be completed before testing, and then making adjustments for future brews, you can adjust the process mid-stream: for example, by extending the boiling time in the wort kettle or adjusting the run-off volume of the following brew.

Operator’s focus on the most crucial issue

Operators today have a vast amount of detailed information from various sensors. Digesting all this information to enable the most appropriate adjustments to be made during the process is simply impossible for them so, often, no action is taken until it’s too late. Thanks to its intelligent technology, GEA InsightPartner software uses predictive models to evaluate the impact of deviating KPIs and suggests corrective actions to operators using intelligent Focus Cards. This empowers operators to be more proactive and lead the operation towards more productivity and sustainability targets on the factory floor. 

Learning from the past

Learning from history helps to maintain the continuity of brands, even if they are only brewed seasonally. In the past, if brewmasters detected differences in brew quality, it was impossible to track back to identify the cause and so it was difficult to take effective action to correct the problem.  

Using GEA InsightPartner, it’s now possible to compare the current operation of the plant with data from previous brews, advise immediately of any deviation and deep dive into the history of the given brew to gain insight into the necessary remedial action during brewing. This allows you to make adjustments to maintain the unique characteristics and quality of the brew.

Insight supports responsibility

GEA InsightPartner provides all this insight to any member of your team at any time, anywhere in the plant, to help them achieve the best possible brewery productivity.

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