Designed for a batch size of 20 hl (17 U.S. BBL)

GEA CRAFT-STAR® Craft Brewhouse M

Featuring the same renowned technologies as our industrial-scale solutions, the fully automatic GEA CRAFT-STAR® Craft Brewhouse M offers greater availability, flexibility and productivity

To excite consumer palates and deliver tasty and thirst-quenching beers, passionate brewers are constantly looking to get the best results from high-quality ingredients and optimize both traditional and experimental recipes. Now, with our cost-efficient, flexible and skid-mounted CRAFT-STAR® M system, craft brewers all over the world are equipped for every application.

It may be small in stature, with a space-efficient footprint, but the CRAFT-STAR® M doesn’t skimp on either features or quality, making it the ideal tool for the production of up to 20 hl of the finest wort in any style.

Making the most use of raw materials and offering optimized operational efficiency, the stainless-steel vessel — available with polished or matte surface finishes — is supplied with a range of robust components and has been designed to provide years of reliable service.

Key benefits of the CRAFT-STAR® M skidded brewhouse

  • Cost-effective functionality with short lead times (approx. 6-7 months)
  • Fully automated for ease of use and convincing batch repeatability
  • Short-term return on investment 
  • Reduced consumption of water, energy and raw materials 
  • Versatile, over-sized vessels can handle high-gravity recipes
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flanged utility connections facilitate onsite tie-ins 
  • External wort boiling allows for batch size flexibility
  • Highly efficient: up to 98% extract yield in the lauter tun
  • High throughput (from four up to 12 brews in 24 hours)
  • Greater availability, flexibility and productivity
  • Infusion and decoction mashing regimes included

Fully equipped for every application

Compact and easy to ship, theCRAFT-STAR® M complies with the highestsafety standards. Integrated systems monitor the differential pressure and provide full control of the lautering process. Plus, the fully automated system ensures repeatable batch production, process visualization and remote support. Further design elements include

  • a pre-masher and GEA Agitator 2.0 
  • state-of-the-art lautering with GEA LAUTERSTAR®
  • wort boiling with a two-level-deflector   
  • a trub dam to handle high hop loads
  • high-performing wort aeration (Venturi Principle) 
  • built-in clean-in-place (CIP) manifold for automated cleaning

Available configurations and batch sizes

  • Sized for 20 hl (17 US bbl) cold cast-out wort volume 
  • Choice of three, four or five vessel configurations allowing 4 up to 12 brews per day
  • Modular system includes mash tun kettle, lauter tun, mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool, pre-run tank and an extra whirlpool
  • Can be upgraded with GEA MILLSTAR® wet milling technology for maximum plant performance
  • Various add-ons available: wort pre-cooling, water tanks vapor condenser, dosing equipment, spent grain handling, water supply skids
  • Additional equipment to complete your brewery: separators, steam generator, compressor, refrigeration plant, CIP-plant, cold block units, filling lines, etc., 

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