Articulated Super Pump for Lagoon

This Articulated Super Pump is especially designed for narrow areas to manage manure in deep lagoons with steep banks.

The nozzle and the directional valve are located above the liquid level allowing easy maintenance when required. This pump ensures a fast and efficient manure loading thanks to its 8" (200 mm) discharge.

Typical Application

To handle heavy slurry using a tractor with a minimum of 120 HP – 540 RPM only.

Key Features

  • 32' model only.
  • 8" (200 mm) directional valve that can be operated while the pump is at low RPM.
  • Heavy-duty drive line with #55 PTO.
  • Double articulated #77 joint in oil bath for low maintenance.
  • Adjustable heavy-duty hitch.
  • Nozzle mounted above the liquid with 180º horizontal rotation and 130º vertical articulation. 4"(102 mm) Adjustable opening.
  • Air relief valve.
  • Wheels and draw bar kit for road travel.
  • 26" (660 mm) impeller and 8" (200 mm) discharge.
  • Abrasive resistant steel housing and bottom plate.
  • Self-cleaning impeller blades with reversible knifes at the intake.
  • Shredder blades at the intake to break up large chunks.
  • Wide support on the pump housing for more stability in the bottom of the lagoon.

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