Solid Dosage

(Formulation) Development

Designed for a wide range of specific applications, GEA’s R&D range covers every aspect of oral solid dosage (OSD) production, from high shear mixers, fluid bed dryers and single pot systems to extruders and spheronizers, blenders and containment solutions, right through to tablet compression.

A Complete Range of R&D Solutions

Dedicated to innovation, the company is a single-source solution provider with a long history of expertise and experience in technologies including batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating, contained materials handling, mixing and blending, particle processing, dispensing, Process Analytical Technology, tableting and spray drying.

From dispensed raw materials to finished OSD form, our systems clearly demonstrate the flexibility that can be achieved throughout the research, development and scale-up process, offering enhanced levels of versatility, safety, productivity and quality.

Innovation is Key

GEA believes that by continually stretching the boundaries of pharmaceutical processing, we can help our customers to enhance the health and well-being of millions of people all over the world. This is what drives our business — and yours.

We innovate to increase production and reduce costs, to improve containment and safeguard the workforce, to achieve better clinical effectiveness and to enhance quality control. Innovation never stops at GEA; it’s what we do!    

Technology Centres

GEA takes customer partnership and R&D to new levels at its Technology Centres. Offering a complete range of R&D and product testing services, customers can analyze and optimize existing processes, develop new procedures and perform pilot-scale production tests with any aqueous or solvent-based pharmaceutical product.  

Comparative process studies can also be done. Furthermore, our centres have full demonstration and training facilities, making GEA your obvious choice as a pharmaceutical process partner. GEA is your one-stop-shop for R&D production technology.

Products & technologies

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