Produced water treatment

Considerable quantities of reservoir water are obtained as a by-product of the oil and gas production processes. In order to protect the environment and also the formation, this water has to be processed. If it is not treated, it cannot be returned directly into the sea, nor can it be used for re-injection purposes in order to boost the pressure in the reservoir. The aim is to treat the formation in such a way that no hazardous traces of oil and undissolved solids are able to enter the environment or the formation with the water. GEA supports this process with processing systems which operate reliably and cost-effectively on drilling vessels and platforms or on land.

Protects the reservoir and the environment

In the oil production process, water has to be continuously injected into the bore holes as the reservoir exploitation process proceeds and as the associated pressures fall. Water that is not properly treated may clog up the pores of the reservoir and thus literally "kill" the reservoir. GEA centrifuges offer the optimum solution for ensuring efficient de-oiling of the water in conjunction with simultaneous separation of the extremely fine particles. This ensures constantly high yields and a long and safe operation of the oil field. Because the centrifuges have a patented self-cleaning sludge removal system, they operate on a continuous basis; this means that production does not have to be interrupted. At the same time, the sludge disposal costs are reduced to a minimum.

Residual oil content of max. 5 ppm

GEA processing systems for de-oiling produced water separate undesirable substances from the production water, and thus comply with extremely strict statutory regulations with maximum security for the operator and the environment. A residual oil content of max. 5 ppm, as specified by IMO (International Maritime Organization) for some regions, can be reliably met.

Suitable for offshore and onshore use

The key aspect of our processing installations are self-cleaning disk-type centrifuges which are already being used throughout the world on numerous drilling vessels and platforms, where they operate convincingly with efficient and stable performance. With their direct drive and the fact that they are not affected by movements of the vessels, they are ideal for offshore operations, but can also be used in onshore applications. Depending on the specific requirements, our machines are also available in gas-tight and explosion-protected versions.

Reduction of disposal and operating costs

GEA processing systems not only provide a reliable and particularly environmentally compatible method of de-oiling the produced water from the oil production process; they also provide their users with tremendous economic benefits. In addition to reduced disposal costs, the space-saving design of our machines and their low energy consumption make a major contribution towards significantly reducing operating costs.

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