Fuel oil

During the transport and storage process, fuel oils that are used in the oil field industry as fuel for diesel engines and gas turbines are often contaminated with impurities. These fuel oils must be purified on a continuous basis, as these impurities can cause significant damage to sensitive engine parts and can thus significantly endanger the safety of the operating process. GEA treatment plants are used around the world on FPSOs as well as on production and drilling platforms, where they are reliably operated under the most extreme conditions, thus ensuring that the equipment used to generate power operates with as little wear as possible.

The fully-automatic workhorse

The core of our treatment plants is a self-cleaning separator that reliably eliminates water, salts and solid materials from the fuel oil and can even process high throughput rates with the greatest level of separation accuracy and without any difficulty thanks to the highest possible g-force levels. The separators are not only able to react to continuously changing concentrations of liquids and solid materials, but can also withstand the harsh operating conditions on onshore and offshore installations thanks to their robust design. GEA separators thus ensure the highest level of process safety even during 24-hour automated operation. Our customers benefit from further cost efficiencies thanks to the low energy requirements of our separators as well as their compact and space-saving design.

Maximum protection for diesel engines thanks to automatic conditioning

In addition to our centrifuges, which in accordance with requirements can be supplied in the standard design or with a high-level of individual specifications, additional components, such as pumps and heaters, supplement our product range for fuel oil treatment plants. We simultaneously support the process with conditioning systems for diesel engines, with which the viscosity, temperature and pressure of the fuel oil can be set automatically so that it corresponds precisely to the specifications of the engine manufacturer.

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