Mono Ethylen Glycol (MEG)

Cold, salt water and corrosion – natural gas pipelines deep below sea level are subject to extreme conditions. To ensure efficient transport through the pipelines, mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) is, among other things, added to the natural gas. A MEG purification process completed by separators ensures that it can be reused continuously without affecting the functionality of the MEG.

Process safety through MEG treatment

MEG is mixed into the natural gas before it is transported through the pipelines. Its characteristics ensure that water is absorbed, it also acts as an anti-corrosion agent to continuously protect the pipelines. It absorbs salt water, salt crystals and the finest corrosion particles, thus ensuring a higher level of corrosion protection. However, as the contamination gradually increases during this process, regular treatment of the contaminated MEG in appropriate gas treatment plants is particularly important.

Reliable MEG purification

The vaporisation systems and centrifuges are the core of the treatment process. During this process, our separators ensure that the purification process is just as efficient as it is reliable. The dehydration and removal of unwanted solid materials purifies the MEG to such an extent that it can reliably protect pipelines against frost and corrosion again.

Explosion-protected and corrosion-resistant

The gas-tight design and blanketing with nitrogen ensure that all of the requirements for the process and explosion protection (ATEX) are reliably fulfilled. The high material requirements placed on the centrifuge bowl are guaranteed by the use of duplex/super duplex steel. Our separators are also perfectly suitable for onshore and offshore applications as they can compensate the constant movements on platforms. Directly driven and with a high degree of separation efficiency, GEA centrifuges make for the highest level of efficiency, while only requiring a minimal amount of space.

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