Removing cat fines from fuels

Dangerous catalytic residues in fuels poses growing challenges to power plant operators. Since the exact cat fines concentration in the fuel is in most cases unknown. The substances are abrasive to such an extent that may lead to engine damage or even machine failure. To counteract this problem, GEA provides an innovative and sustainable fuel treatment technology for effectively removing the cat fines from the fuels.

Efficient fuel treatment with the GEA CatFineMaster

An effective solution for separating dangerous catalyst fines (cat fines) from fuel with one touch of the button is the GEA CatFineMaster. Cat fines can significantly damage the engine and, under extreme circumstances, may also result in the total failure of the main engine. Fuel treatment in power plants is thus of utmost importance; the new CatFineMaster is able to perform this task extremely efficiently and reliably. The system consists of a separator as the core element and a feed pump that can be regulated in the process for ensuring that the flow of fuel oil is adjusted optimally to take account of the respective process requirements. This ensures an additional boost to efficiency and also results in energy savings. The system is completed by the new GEA IO control system and optional measuring and analysis equipment.

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