Lube oil treatment

During application lube oils are exposed to continuous contamination. Foreign matter such as abrasives, dust, condensate and decomposition products deposit in the lube oil sump. Furthermore, acids contained in the oil and foreign matter from catalysts can lead to premature aging. Continuous cleaning with GEA separators makes a key contribution to permanently reliable operation, simultaneously cutting running costs.

Centrifugal force separates water and solid foreign substances from the oil

On so-called trunk piston engines in particular, residues of combustion and unused fuel reach the lube oil collection tank in addition to the normal contamination. Centrifugal separators from GEA separate water and solid foreign substances from the oil under the action of high centrifugal force.

Purified oil – prolonged service life

The purified oil now contains only traces of free water and is practically free from metal and non-metal foreign substances. This not only ensures that the lube oil functions smoothly, but also has a permanent positive effect on costs as a result of prolonged service life.

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