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GEA presents Integrated Freeze-Drying Solutions at ACHEMA 2018 – Application-specific lyophilization technology

14 Jun 2018
GEA’s process expertise is based on a long history of innovation, applied R&D and industry experience. And, as a long-term partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, our equipment stands for high performance, quality and reliable, trouble-free operation. Every GEA freeze dryer is designed to help our customers to create a product that will succeed in the market — with GEA being a partner in reaching that goal.
GEA presents Integrated Freeze-Drying Solutions at ACHEMA 2018

We offer a complete program of high quality products associated with all aspects of aseptic manufacturing and integrated solutions, in addition to efficient service for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech industries. 

For example, our LYOSPARK™ controlled nucleation technology facilitates uniform ice crystal formation in laboratory and production-scale freeze dryers with a minimum degree of supercooling. Producing more consistent and larger ice crystal sizes with a more open product structure, faster drying and reconstitution times can be achieved. LYOSPARK™ also ensures inter-batch homogeneity, improves process repeatability and enhances both the presentation and quality of the final product.

For online moisture control, our LYOSENSE™ sensor uses multipoint NIR measurements to comprehensively and non-destructively evaluate freeze dried product cakes in real-time. This easy-to-install and use measuring device provides the following benefits: whole cake assessment; fast processing times (5 ms); and a simple operator interface.

And, whether it’s a fad or the future, 100% vial traceability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the pharmaceutical freeze-drying industry. LYODATA™ provides unique marking, clear identification and the consistent traceability of pharmaceutical primary packaging, making drug counterfeiting practically impossible. The system also offers continuous quality inspection, 100% line clearance and precise sampling.

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