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Ballast Water Treatment

The IMO convention sets strict guidelines for ballast water management systems: they may not harm the environment, substances used must be biodegradable and they may not present any kind of additional risk to humans, the environment or the ship.

Just add water

With the BallastMaster, it is very simple to ensure that there is only water in your ballast tanks – with no harmful organisms such as plankton, bacteria or viruses. Everything beneath the waves is under control, so you don’t have to worry about it. Water goes in – easy. This reliable and future-proof system combines pre-filtration and UV-C. It doesn’t need any chemical substances or generate any hazardous by-products. It uses a low pressure UV treatment, which is energy-efficient and requires no cooling.

Master and commander

Providing advanced, reliable solutions, GEA is a global leader in the marine business, with over 120 years of tradition and innovation. As part of GEA sea protect solutions, the BallastMaster provides you with an all-round, worry-free system which meets current and future IMO and USCG standards for ballast water treatment.

Exceeding the standards

The IMO convention requires that new and currently operated ships must have ballast water management systems. These new guidelines may lead some shipowners and operators into uncharted territory. It’s important to have a ballast water treatment system that is easy to use, complies with the terms of the convention and can be used for many years to come. Your solution is the BallastMaster.

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