Protecting Seas & Oceans

Protecting Ocean Ecosystems and Maritime Investments

Protecting seas
Water covers some 70 percent of the surface of the earth, and all life on our planet needs water to survive. Today, over 90 percent of world trade is carried out using international shipping lanes, and some 50,000 vessels traverse these routes. Whilst they may be vital for trade and transportation, the earth’s seas, oceans and other waterways are also highly sensitive ecosystems that need protection.
Clear waters

With a wide-ranging portfolio of cutting-edge technology, GEA continues to demonstrate its long-term commitment both to safeguarding the investments of our clients and partners, and protecting the marine ecosystem. We work closely together with ship owners and operators to deliver customized solutions for the treatment of bilgewater, ballast water, scrubber water and grey and black water.

The combination of GEA’s innovative technologies, such as the BallastMaster and BilgeMaster systems, together with its extensive service network, are geared towards providing efficient, future-proof systems, in line with IMO standards. 

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