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Catalyst fines – cat fines for short – remain in marine fuels during refining, as a part of the mandatory cracking practice and the aim of reducing sulfur levels to ecological standards. Unfortunately, cat fines are highly abrasive and difficult to remove from on-board fuel even with diligent cleaning and purification procedures. Embedding in engine parts, they cause wear and destruction. Growing uncertainty lies in the fact that ship owners, operators and crews never know in advance the acute threat from cat fines. Because of economic pressure on suppliers, insufficient standards and varying on-board conditions uncontrollable fluctuations occur in fuel quality and cat fine concentration. Even fuel that has been tested for safe cat fine levels can become re-contaminated on-board with residual cat fines from tank bottoms.

Ship owners need to act

Environmental regulations and established on-board processes no longer ensure highest fuel quality. New cracking methods increase the content of small cat fines in fuels that are even harder to remove. As a result, experts demand that all marine fuels, no matter from what source, should now routinely be regarded as critically cat fine-contaminated and treated as such before they enter the day tank and engine.

GEA has the solution

As a leading developer of marine fuel separators, GEA has recognized and analyzed the problematic turn in marine fuel quality ever since it became apparent. Because of that, GEA is now the first company on the market to offer a complete solution. It is the latest innovation in the wide-ranging GEA seaprotectsolutions portfolio offering cutting-edge solutions for bilgewater, ballast water, scrubber water, sludge and fuel treatment.

One touch. Finest fuel.

The GEA CatFineMaster is the first marine separator to ensure maximum cat fine removal and maximum fuel quality. It does this at the touch of a button, making on-board risk management as failsafe as possible. In a future of uncertain bunker fuel quality, this GEA innovation makes it feasible again for ship owners and operators to protect their investment

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