20 July 2017

Dear Candidate,

We are delighted to welcome you at GEA and are looking forward to your job application. For purposes of the recruitment procedure we process your Personal Information. Processing hereinafter collectively refers to any handling of Personal Information, including the collection, storage, modification, updating, extraction, transfer, anonymisation or pseudonymisation, blocking, deletion, destruction, and use. GEA highly values the security and integrity of your Personal Information.  We are strongly dedicated to always handling Personal Information diligently and in compliance with all legal requirements applying high professional data protection and data security standards.

In the interest of transparency, we hereby inform you about the scope of processing of your Personal Information by GEA acting as data controller and your related rights and obligations under applicable data protection laws.

Responsible controller

Any Personal Information provided by you during the recruitment process will be controlled only by the hiring GEA Group company (herein referred to as "us" or "GEA") who is responsible for the security and integrity of your Personal Information.

How we use personal information

We will process your Personal Information strictly only for the purpose of the recruitment process and assessing your suitability for the job you applied for.

Personal Information is stored in a cloud environment on servers which are located in Dublin, Ireland. Access to your Personal Information will be granted to a strictly limited group of GEA group staff members such as your Hiring Manager, HR Business Partner and other staff members involved in hiring, but strictly limited on a need-to-know basis as required for the recruitment process.

Types of personal information

Personal Information contains the following categories of personal data:

  • Application Data: Any personal data you provide us with during the recruitment process including name, contact details, picture, educational background, professional background, answers to questionnaires or given in interviews
  • Assessment and Test Data: Any personal data resulting from assessments and tests, including comments and ratings from interviewers, results of logic, psychological and other tests
  • Background Check Data: Any personal data resulting from background checks conducted
  • Results of Reference Checks: Any personal data resulting from verification of job references you provide us with during the recruitment process

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access or intrusion. These safeguards include implementing specific technologies and procedures designed to protect your privacy, such as secure servers, firewalls and SSL encryption. We will at all times strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the confidentiality and security of your Personal Information.

Sharing of your personal information

We may share your Personal Information with affiliates within GEA Group if and to the extent required for the recruitment process. As an example, we would share your Personal Information with an affiliate if your responsible Hiring Manager was employed by that affiliate or if the responsible HR Business Partner was located in another GEA company.  Any such transfer will be strictly in compliance with the requirements of the applicable data protection laws and subject to contractual undertakings or other adequate safeguards by which the recipient warrants that your Personal Information is strictly only used for the recruitment process and guarantees an appropriate level of data protection in accordance with applicable data protection law.

We may also instruct service providers within or outside of GEA Group, domestically or abroad, as well as Shared Service Centers to process personal data for the recruitment process on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions only. We will retain control over and will remain fully responsible for your Personal Information and will use appropriate safeguards as required by applicable law to ensure the integrity and security of your Personal Information when engaging such service providers.

Access, correction and deletion of your personal information

You have the right, at any time, to request information about your Personal Information stored and processed by us, the purpose of such storage and processing as well as the recipients with whom your Personal Information is shared. To the extent your Personal Information is incorrect or has changed; you have the right to require correction, blocking or deletion of such data. If you have any questions regarding your rights or if you have any specific requests relating to your Personal Information please contact us. You also have the right to object to our processing of your Personal Information and to rectify processed data if necessary.

Retention of your personal information

Your Personal Information will be retained for as long as required for the recruiting process, unless otherwise required by law or to protect GEA's legitimate interests, i.e.:

  • If you enter into an employment relationship with GEA we will store your Personal Information for the term your employment.
  • Otherwise, we will keep your personal data for 6 months after the end of the recruiting process and delete any of your Personal Information afterwards.
  • Statutory retention, deletion and limitation periods will be observed.

Amendments to data privacy statement

We reserve the right to change this Data Privacy Statement from time to time in compliance with applicable data protection law. You can find the date of the latest update at the top of this Data Privacy Statement.


If you have questions regarding the recruitment process and the protection of your Personal Information, please contact us via dataprotectionrecruiting@gea.com.