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Modern production processes as well as reliable food transportation and storage systems mean that most people today are in the fortunate position of being able to choose from a wide range of poultry and meat. From farm to fork, we are the right partner for your production and packaging. Furthermore, by ensuring the right temperature within the complete cold chain we guarantee the constant quality of your goods.

Food Processing and Packaging

Bone in Poultry fork

Bone in Poultry fork

GEA specializes in performance-focused solutions for poultry and meat products. We supply single machines to complete production lines for preparation, marination, further processing, slicing, vertical packaging and thermoforming. By helping meet operational challenges such as product variety, process flexibility, reducing the cost per kilogram and per pack, food safety and the environment, GEA supports the performance of food processors throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. Our technologies improve output and reduce operating cost for food processors.

Temperature control

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Temperature control at the beginning of the process is particularly important. GEA’s cooling and freezing plants satisfy the highest hygiene standards and facilitate a functional cold chain. This investment in cooling management does ultimately pay for itself, both for the company and for the environment. Whether your requirements are cooling and storage fresh meat, or cooling and freezing for further food processing, GEA offers specialized know-how and expertise. Our engineers will design a refrigeration technology for every kind of meat and poultry

Processing of by-products

Food Lard by-product

Food Lard by-product

They are used as valuable ingredients in the food industry, as fertilizer in agriculture, can frequently be found in pharmaceutical production and are used in numerous branches of industry in the form of industrial fats – by-products from fish and animals. 

Animal oils and fats, high value proteins but also skin, bones, blood, etc., these are valuable raw materials and their production and processing make a major contribution to profitability in the fish and meat industry. GEA is therefore supporting fish processing and rendering plants with highly developed separation equipment and innovative process lines, in which the specific focus is on efficiency, sanitary design and quality.

GEA Europa Cuisson

Customer story

Poultry specialist Europa Cuisson is spreading its wings

Over the past 30 years Europa Cuisson has become a market leader in Europe in cooked poultry products. The company found a reliable partner in GEA to support its ambitious growth plans.
Refrigeration & heating for food processes

Refrigeration & heating for food processes

Meeting your precise temperature requirements – naturally

With safe and sustainable products and solutions our experts at GEA can help optimize cold chains. For better industrial refrigeration processes.
GEA's Sustainable Engineering Solutions

NEXUS - GEA's Holistic Engineering Solutions

A unique integration of process solutions and cooling & heating demands, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

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