Enhance the taste of your noodles with GEA technology.

GEA's goal of transporting age-old tradition into its Noodles could not be achieved without in-depth knowledge of the raw materials. From those used in the tradition of this product - wheat and rice - to more contemporary ones such as buckwheat, GEA's technological solutions allow you to develop a high-quality product from a wide variety of raw materials. Noodles made with GEA technologies have remote roots.
spelt buckwheat noodles

Square shaped noodles

Raw materials: spelt-buckwheat
Technology: regular sheeted

medium round noodles

Medium round noodles

Raw materials: rice
Technology: cooked-extruded

wheat flour round noodles

Medium round noodles

Raw materials: wheat flour
Technology: regular sheeted

square shaped noodles

Square shaped noodles

Raw materials: durum
Technology: regular sheeted

wheat flour square shaped noodles

Square shaped noodles

Raw materials: wheat flour
Technology: regular extruded

Experiencing an ancient taste

The very ancient origins of Noodles make them one of the most appreciated traditional foods in Asia, and not only. Consumption habits have made Noodles an extremely versatile product, capable of combining perfectly with a wide variety of ingredients, recipes and cooking methods: cooked in boiling salted water, fried or stir-fried in a wok and then seasoned with meat, fish and vegetables.

At GEA we have developed processing technologies for Noodles starting from their unique taste. We have focused on encapsulating a history of consumption going back thousands of years in a high-quality and completely versatile product, suitable for every preparation and recipe.
noodles 5

We design and install turnkey process lines tailored to any specific need.

GEA's expertise in the design and installation of turnkey processing lines allows to optimize every production step, taking care of each detail and every aspect of Noodles production. We pay a lot of care to aspects related to hygiene, cleanliness and safety: our lines are certified CE, ATEX and MOCA.

Our process lines are designed to last over time requiring minimal effort: the machines are built with durable materials, designed to simplify maintenance and prevent product deposits. In case of any problem, GEA Service will promptly intervene remotely or by assigning a specialized service engineer.
Enhance the taste of your products, make them by extrusion

A superior finished product is achieved with advanced technology. Our extruders allow you to form and pre-cook your product directly at the extrusion stage thus guaranteeing a high quality product.

A stronger, chewier texture with a pleasant bite-feel. Any kind of shape and size with maximum precision. Extrusion is all that.

gea xtru cooker
noodles expert

Ask the GEA expert

Interested in challenging our experts with your creative ideas? Invite us or feel free to contanct us and book a visit to our Technology Center, share experience and discover new products.Share your project with GEA experts: it will be a pleasure to offer our expertise to improve your business.

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