The secrect's in the process

edible oil refining

Edible oil refining consists of a series of different processes to turn crude vegetable or animal oils into edible oil. The quality of the end product depends on the refining process and on crude oil quality.

The crude oil is obtained by crushing the beans or seeds, the subsequent refining can be done either chemically or physically. GEA has extensive process line expertise for all the stages that contain centrifugal separators and decanters as well as for the production of high-quality by-products, i.e. lecithin and glycerine. 
Process stages of chemical and physical refining of edible oils

Edible oils and fats can be refined chemically or physically. Either way, GEA has extensive expertise for both process types.

GEA RSE and RSI Separators

Refining separators

Finetuner, hydrohermetic feed and vapour seal, bowl flush, integrated direct drives... our centrifugal separators for edible oil refining processes are designed for highest yields and maximum uptime.

Centrifuge - Classifying Decanter

Decanters for press oil clarification

Using decanters for press oil clarification instead of i.e. filters cannot only reduce space requirements and footprint but also energy.

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