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Just about every coffee- and tea-drinking culture has embraced instant brews as a convenient way to enjoy the world’s favorite beverages. And with the global market for instant coffee projected to increase from US$28 billion in 2016 to more than US$42.5 billion by the end of 2025, it is evident that our thirst for this go-to drink is growing steadily.

Aroma recovery

Consumers expect their instant coffee and tea to capture the aromatic, richly flavored essence of freshly brewed beans and leaves, but without the wait. Manufacturers look for processes and equipment that can maximize yield without compromising on that final product quality, solubility, or shelf life.

Instant coffee producers worldwide associate the GEA name with state-of-the-art plants, components, and complete lines, whatever the process or final product. Backed by decades of industry knowhow, our project managers and engineers work with customers to design, install, and maintain equipment and complete process lines tailored to just about any business or manufacturing goal. Our attention to the details that matter means that our customers can rely on the most robust, consistent and reliable solutions, whatever the capacity or throughput.

At GEA years of research has been dedicated to developing extraction, aroma recovery, freeze/spray drying and agglomeration technologies that can capture all of the key aromatic components from your valuable beans and leaves, every batch, and lock them into highly soluble instant formulations. From flexible extraction systems that offer top performance for different types of valuable beans and leaves, to cost-effective aroma recovery processing, we can tailor equipment that will maximize the extract quality, yield, and ultimately profits from your processes. And our experts can work with you to design and test efficient, sustainable processes for handling and processing new ingredients and flavors, so that you can offer consumers an even wider range of instant teas and coffees, for every situation, boost your competitive profile and increase market share.

Take a look at our industry-leading portfolio of resource saving, efficient technologies for end-to-end processing, from ingredients reception through to final packaging, and talk to our experts about how we can configure the optimum processing solutions for your products, capacity, and plant layout. 

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