Everyone has a personal favorite biscuit. Chocolate chip cookies, sandwich and filled biscuits, sugar-topped stars and animal-shaped creations tempt us young and old. There is a biscuit for every occasion and every mood, for indulgence, or just for a snack during a pause in the day.

Versatile processing equipment and machines from GEA allow the bakery sector to develop imaginative new biscuit recipes, shapes, forms and textures to tempt us. With integrated and flexible capabilities, GEA bakery technologies for cookies and biscuits permise to cover a wide range of products, ensuring recipe's full control and high standard results. 

Standard biscuits

Popular around the world, wire cut cookies and simple biscuits still come in a huge range of shapes and textures. Crisp and snappy or buttery melt-in-the mouth, every biscuit should be enticing and full of flavor.

Filled biscuits

Co-extruded biscuits can hold a variety of jam, cream or chocolate fillings. Accurate depositing and precision filling are key to processing the highest quality products.

Double color cookies

Swirled, chequerboard, layered or marbled, dual color biscuits with or without filling can be processed using dedicated machines to create special shapes and patterns.

Decorated and Sandwich cookies

Decoration with icing, jam nuts or chocolate pieces adds individuality and a creative touch to favorite flavors and textures. Sandwich biscuits that contain jam or chocolate make indulgent treats.

GEA approach to cookies and biscuits production

Precision and efficiency in the production of bakery products represent fundamental pillars in the bakery industry and, in particular, in the production of cookies and biscuits. GEA is distinguished by its meticulous and careful approach; from the design of production lines for cookies and biscuits, to their specific implementation based on the needs of individual customers, every detail is designed to ensure maximum precision, enabling high productions of high-quality cookies quickly and with minimal waste. Moreover, in our technologies, we always strive to maintain hygienic designs to ensure safety in the finished products and streamline the cleaning processes.

lob depositors and extruders

There are hundreds of different types of cookies in the world, all from the different consumption needs found in world markets. For this reason, ensuring flexibility and the ability to easily change from producing one type of cookie to another are key elements to ensure continuous production and cost minimization. With this in mind, we at GEA have developed lobe depositor and extruder systems that can handle different processes based on requirements, minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.

In the case where the cookie type is a sandwich,the dedicated sandwich cookie system automates the processes of biscuit overturning, depositing the filling and then capping, to optimize efficiency and throughput.
Depositors machine capptronic biscuits

Expert support

GEA Bakery Experience Center (BEC)

At the GEA Bakery Experience Centers (BEC) in Italy, our process and food technology experts work with customers to test and optimize existing and new recipes and production processes. A wide range of processing equipment and systems is available, including mixers, depositors, filling machines, pizza topping machines, ovens and packaging equipment. The BEC also test all machines that leave the factory, prior to delivery to our customers.
Uniform cooking, sustainability and savings

Ensuring the right color and uniform, and the right mouthfeel is something that should not be overlooked when going to produce cookies. These characteristics, which also depend heavily on the baking that is done on the cookies themselves. In fact, GEA tunnel ovens are able to ensure uniform baking of the product, moreover without requiring the presence of an operator. 
Image 5: Soft cookies leave GEA's new electric baking oven, which produces efficiently and CO₂ neutrally. Source: GEA

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the consumption factor, both from the point of view of saving money, but also from the need for greater environmental protection; our electric oven solutions, have the ambition of going to replace the current gas ovens, so as to facilitate a safe, efficient and ecological transition in line with current needs.

gea expert

Ask the GEA Expert

At GEA, allowing the development of new projects is our daily challenge. We can help you to design bespoke production processes, to analyze raw materials, to shape new formats, to test your products, and more. Share your project with GEA experts: it will be a pleasure to offer our expertise to improve your business.

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