CPHI Barcelona 2023

Transforming Tomorrow at CPHI Barcelona

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Offering unparalleled networking opportunities and access to the global pharmaceutical supply chain, CPHI Barcelona provides the perfect platform to connect with industry leaders, expand your network and grow your business. GEA’s dedicated team of experts will be on-site and ready to present the very latest developments in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Join us on booth #3U48 to discover how we’re #TransformingTomorrow with groundbreaking innovations.

With a strong focus on digitalization, sustainability and engineering for future generations, GEA will be showcasing a selection of cutting-edge products at this year’s event.

Containment: The BUCK® Digital Canary monitoring system has revolutionized this field by effectively identifying any breaches in contained pharmaceutical production lines and ensuring the safety of personnel and the products being manufactured.

In addition, the innovative BUCK® AC Valve boasts solvent-resistant functionality to provide enhanced performance and reliability during powder transfer applications such as API production. 

Add Better

Compression: We are also excited to showcase the modular NexGen Press® range. With its ease of use, reduced footprint, ergonomic design and sustainable functionality, this game-changing technology seamlessly combines physical and digital benefits for a wide range of applications. Recently, the NexGen Press® 30 was awarded with the Add Better label* (validated by TÜV Rheinland) for achieving a 21% reduction in power consumption compared to its predecessors.

* The Add Better label relates to the serial product GEA NexGen Press® 30, released in August 2022.

Continuous: In an industry-first collaboration, Hovione and GEA have partnered to revolutionize drug production. By providing enhanced capacity, combined expertise, standardized equipment, improved quality and increased efficiency, a new paradigm has been set for continuous pharmaceutical tableting.

Separation: When it comes to high-yield cell harvesting processes, look no further than our kytero® single-use disk stack separator. Designed to deliver maximum efficiency while significantly reducing filtration area and simplifying operation, kytero® saves valuable time and labor.

Homogenization: For efficient cell disruption, our high-pressure homogenizers consistently achieve impressive yields of more than 90%. 

Lyophilization: Experts in every aspect of pharmaceutical freeze drying, GEA supplies a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance machinery (the LYOVAC® range and ALUS® automatic loading & unloading systems), analytical equipment (LYOPLUS) and solutions that make the entire process more sustainable (LYOAIR®).

Spray Drying: Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the benefits of spray drying for the pharmaceutical industry. Installed in almost 2400 plants worldwide, the MOBILE MINOR cross-application spray dryer is compact, robust, reliable and versatile.

Sustainability: By using more renewable power, boosting its energy efficiency and reducing emissions, GEA is prioritizing its environmental roadmap and further developing sustainable solutions that drive the global pharmaceutical industry towards a circular economy.

Digitalization: Embracing ecommerce platforms, virtual reality, Digital Hubs and the GEA Cloud®, GEA is taking a customer-centric approach to increased productivity, better machine availability and successful scaling with the smallest ecological footprint.

Modularization: Aiming to provide operational benefits such as flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness, GEA has taken a multifunctionality approach to both its single units to fully integrated lines, such as the NexGen Press® range and the ConsiGma® 4.0 portfolio.

Service: Offering a lifetime of operational excellence, equipment maintenance contracts from GEA ensure that your plant delivers the efficiency, productivity and output you need for now and the future. It’s more than machinery, our focus is your peace of mind and eliminating downtime.

With solutions for both solid and liquid applications, batch and continuous processes, and a portfolio of single units, modular systems and complete production lines, we can help you to get your product to market faster with efficient, reliable and planet-friendly solutions. We look forward to meeting you at the event (booth #3U48) to highlight the developments and technological breakthroughs that will help to transform tomorrow.

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