Municipal effluents

Effluent treatment with GEA decanters for dewatering and thickening

Municipal effluents
The environmentally friendly and cost-effective disposal of waste products generated through effluent treatment is a major challenge for relevant industries around the world. It is generally true, however, that the greater the proportion of dry substance for disposal, the lower the transport, incineration and landfill costs. GEA’s reliable, high-performance decanters effectively and efficiently thicken and dewater effluent, making it possible for municipal sewage treatment plants to achieve a considerably reduced sludge volume.
Optimal dewatering reduces costs of effluent disposal

Designed for high clarification performance and maximum solid thickening, GEA decanters provide reliable dewatering of effluent in municipal sewage treatment plants. The high level of dewatering achieved means that our decanters enable substantially reduced transport and disposal costs. They set standards in terms of dry substance and separation performance, and also require minimal space. Our decanters demonstrate the most efficient use of energy and can enable up to a 50% saving on flocculants compared with other sludge treatment technologies. 

Fully automated feed control for maximum volume reduction

GEA decanters effectively demonstrate consistent thickening of effluent. The patented GEA varipond system means that our centrifuges adapt fully automatically to changing feed conditions, to enable consistent dry substance output, even when the solid concentration in the feed varies considerably. Customers benefit from maximum process reliability and unmanned, 24-hour operation, and because of the constant concentration, the digestion tank can be operated more economically: the sludge ferments better and a greater gas yield can be achieved due to the improved quality.

GEA biosolids Decanter prime
Designed for use in the thermal hydrolysis process

The process of Cambi thermal hydrolysis can also be integrated into municipal sewage treatment plants to allow a significant improvement in anaerobic digestion and thus substantially more efficient dewatering of effluent. Whether for stable pre-dewatering of exactly 16% before hydrolysis, or for dewatering after the digestion process, GEA decanters are the result of decades of experience and comprehensive process technology know-how.  

Mobile plants for flexible use

To handle peak loads, our high-performance systems are also available as mobile units. All our plant systems, including all the necessary units, can be installed on containers and thus offer users maximum flexibility. 

GEA in addition offers a range of jet and vacuum pumps for conveying liquids such as water, sludge or lyes, solids such as sand, gravel, salt, activated carbon, or ion exchange resin in municipal effluent plants.


GEA environmental Decanter lines – safeguarding our resources

Every drop counts...
Every drop counts

GEA decanters bring back Bengaluru lakes

GEA decanters help to reclaim water in Bangalore and bring back the city's lakes.

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