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At GEA, we are passionate about optimizing health-related quality of life by offering precisely what our customers need to protect our environment. We can deliver on this promise because we provide the most efficient offering in pollution control products, integrated solutions and high advanced technologies in the process industries – worldwide. We help our customers find the shorter route to environmental excellence by operating cost efficient.

The environmental impact

The process industry is a global industry and the harmful emissions created from different types of process technologies affect many regions worldwide. As a consequence the process industry will in the coming years face tougher legislation on emissions around the world. These rules and regulations will force the process industry to make difficult choices; however the benefits are much cleaner air, resulting in a greener future for us all. Some areas may also be faced with national or local rules.

From the long-term view business as usual is no longer an option. To comply with incoming rules, plant operator must switch to environmental-friendly processes and add emission control equipment to the operating plants in the process industry.

GEA exhaust cleaning technology is an economical and environmental-friendly solution for tackling all existing and upcoming regulations and is designed tailor-made to provide flexibility and reliable operations wherever our customers operate.

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