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Highly efficient carbon dioxide removal for your climate strategy with GEA Carbon Capture and Utilization technologies

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At GEA, we are committed to creating cutting-edge Carbon Capture technologies, enabling our customers´ industries like cementiron & steel, glass, chemicals, bioenergy, waste management and other "hard to abate" industries to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy. Our Carbon Capture technologies portfolio allows for a complete, fast and cost-efficient adaptation to future industry standards.

Technologies for Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization (CCS / CCU) enable the separation of CO2 from emission points before it is released to the atmosphere for being used in the production of valuable CO2-based products or for being sequestrated in long-term storages. 

GEA is a worldwide leading provider for air pollution control solutions and has a deep knowledge in gas cleaning and heat recovery processes. GEA´s Carbon Capture portfolio now comes in to extend our already well-established gas cleaning and heat recovery offer by technologies for CO2 capturing as well as options for CO2 transportation and utilization, enabling us to serve our clients with an end-to-end product portfolio.

CO2 can be separated from gas streams by various methods - either by pre- or post-combustion separation or by oxyfuel processes. GEA focusses on tail-end CO2 separation as retrofittability is given and effects on upstream processes are reduced to a minimum. 

Modern CO2 separation concepts employ aqueous amine solutions as solvents as they are confirmed to deliver reliable and proper performance. Hence, GEA´s Carbon Capturing Solution portfolio is based on state-of-the-art amine solvent systems and combines them with GEA´s unique scrubbing technologies in a highly standardized design concept, enabling a fast delivery of an economic CO2 capturing solution. 

We aim to make Carbon Capture a viable and practical solution that can be widely adopted and integrated into existing infrastructures. By collaborating with our customers and leveraging our technical expertise we strive for unlocking the decarbonization potential in our targeted industries. Find out more here about our engagement for sustainability!

GEA Carbon Capture Solutions - Decarbonzing Key Industries

Add Better

Resource efficient solution

GEA Carbon Capture incl. Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

As one of our most resource-efficient solutions, our GEA Carbon Capturing incl. Waste Heat Recovery carries the Add Better label.*

GEA's integrated Waste Heat Recovery and Carbon Capture solution enables a significant reduction of the overall energy consumption and by that also of CO2 emissions (e.g. in the cement industry). It reduces the CO2 emissions by 11 % compared to a stand-alone Carbon Capture solution without Waste Heat Recovery.   

*The Add Better label relates to the combination of GEA´s Carbon Capture and Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) technologies, released in September 2023. The comparison refers to a stand-alone Carbon Capture solution without Waste Heat Recovery.

GEA´s Carbon Capturing Solutions involves the following process steps for an optimal and economic CO2 reduction:

  • XECO Waste-Heat-Recovery Units
    Use of excess heat from industrial processes and flue gases is the first step towards Carbon Capture & Utilization. The excess heat can be collected and transferred to the Carbon Capturing unit by means of our GEA XECO Waste-Heat-Recovery Systems.

  • SETO Gas Pre-Treatment Units
    An important pre-requisite for Carbon Capturing is Flue Gas Pre-treatment to ensure the long-term stability of the Carbon Capturing system. GEA SETO technology line offers various solutions for cooling and condensing, removing solids, aerosols, sulfuric and nitric oxides and more.

  • CEBO Carbon Capturing Units
    The current state-of-the-art process for large scale Carbon Capturing is by chemical absorption with amines. GEA offers amine-based CO2 capture plants of various sizes under the GEA CEBO line, allowing for CO2 capturing from very diverse exhaust gas compositions.

  • NAVO CO2 Utilization & Sequestration
    The captured CO2 must substitute fossil carbon to avoid anthropogenic GHG emissions. This can be achieved through the Utilization of CO2 for producing CO2 based products or by liquefying and Sequestrating CO2 in long-term storages, both with help of GEA Technologies.

GEA Carbon Capturing Solution Portfolio (Source: GEA).

Getting tough on industrial emissions with CO2 abatement and carbon capture technologies


Getting tough on industrial emissions with CO2 abatement and carbon capture technologies

To meet global warming targets, industry must further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. In high CO2-emitting sectors, GEA solutions are having a significant impact, helping customers reduce harmful emissions, improve their energy efficiency and facilitating their journey towards carbon-neutral production.
Transforming tomorrow: balancing climate crisis with economic growth


Transforming tomorrow: balancing sustainability with economic growth

The Green Deal – a set of proposals to bring the EU’s climate, energy, transport and taxation policies in line to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 – has shone a harsh spotlight on climate change.

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