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Liquid manure from the agricultural sector represents a valuable natural fertilizer. However, liquid manure and the excess nutrients that it may contain must be treated prior to application to fields, to protect the environment and water courses in compliance with stringent legal requirements. GEA can supply both evaporator and decanter technology to tackle any liquid manure treatment application.


Reducing phosphate and nitrogen fractions

GEA decanters can be used to reduce phosphate and nitrogen fractions efficiently from liquid manure, by separating off up to 90% of phosphate compounds and up to 35% of nitrogen compounds, together with the solids. This protects both groundwater and surface water. The pourable solids can then be composted and used as fertilizer. The liquid phase is suitable for transportation to a silo for storage, and can be applied as a high-quality, environmentally friendly natural fertilizer as required. Mobile decanters are available for optimum flexibility.

Energy-efficient evaporation technology for concentration

GEA’s evaporator technology is ideally suited to concentrating liquid manure to reduce volume, especially on breeding farms that have very large numbers of animals. Using our evaporators, the liquid manure is concentrated to up to 30% dry solids, and this can then be dried fully in a dryer.

GEA’s evaporator and dryer technologies can both be operated entirely using waste thermal energy.

mobile manure separation

The benefits to you

  • Decanter or evaporator - the right process technology for every customer
  • High-quality fertilizer for environmentally-friendly application which meets the most stringent legal regulations
  • Protection of both groundwater and surface water, as decanters reliably separate off up to 90% of phosphate compounds and 35% of nitrogen compounds
  • Mobile decanter systems for increased flexibility
  • Use of waste thermal energy means lower energy costs for evaporator and dryer

GEA further supplies equipment like jet and vacuum pumps for conveying water and manure.

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