Monobox robotic milking systems in action

Large display screen gives Garfat’s easy access to data

Large display screen gives Garfat’s easy access to data

GEA brings robotic milking efficiency to Garfat Farms


Adam Garfat, R&D Garfat Farms

Herd size:

50 cows


Mapleburg Holsteins, Woodstock

"We decided to install the Monobox milking robot on our farm because it allows our cows to choose when and how many times a day they want to be milked. We really like the camera feature that allows for efficient attachment. Plus, with the all-in-one liner, it cleans, milks and dips in one smooth motion. The manual attachment feature is very easy to operate and we have the option to divert one quarter from a cow if needed. Since switching to the Monobox milking robot, our cows are calmer and happier."

Our milk quality has improved and our somatic cell count was reduced. With a great support staff from GEA, we were able to overcome any obstacles and easily adapt to the Monobox. I would rate that a 10 out of 10.”- says Adam Garfat

- says Adam Garfat

GEA DairyRobot

GEA DairyRobot R9500 Robotic Milking System

DairyRobot R9500 is engineered to enhance the milking process and help farmers focus on making the most of their time. Efficiently designed it offers everything “in-liner” udder preparation, milking and post-milking and teat disinfection, bringing a new level of intelligent milking to your farm.
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