After a fire devastated Roosburg Farms Inc. in 2013, John Verburg and his two sons, Cole and Ian, decided to rebuild and modernize with automation.

“The total-solutions approach really changed our business and our lives.”

GEA MIone with easy access
GEA MIone with easy access

Currently, the Verburg’s milk 90 cows with a two-box MIone Automated Milking System on their dairy in Athens, Ontario. “When we saw the MIone robotic milking system from GEA we fell in love with it right away,” says John Verburg.

Since GEA provides total farm-solutions the Verburgs were able to work on the MIone Multi-box Automated Milking System, along with the intelligent barn design and everything that needed to go in it. From the bulk tank and vacuum pump to the sorting gates and manure scrapers, GEA had all of their needs covered and automated for efficiency.

“Being able to get everything from one company and having the same guys install everything made it really easy,” says Cole Verburg. “Their team really looked out for us, from start to finish.”

“All of the equipment from GEA works together to make the barn run smoothly and that makes for a more comfortable cow,” adds Ian Verburg. “A more comfortable cow is a cow that wants to get milked more and returns us more profit.”

“The MIone robotic milking system and everything that the GEA design provided us really changed our business and our lives,” says Cole Verburg. “The MIone robot helps free us up to do a better job managing. We have more time to focus on genetics and breeding,” continues Verburg. “The system gives you so much information to manage your herd better, and the time to do it, it’s something we love.”