GEA homogenization technology in the paper industry


The Centre Technique du Papier is located in Grenoble (France) and is the French technical center (Pulp, Paper, Board, Printing and Processing) for Applied Research, Consultancy, Testing Laboratories and Training Courses. CTP helps industrialist for innovative products & processes at lab and pilot scales and develops knowledge with high level of Scientific Expertise.

A dedicated team of engineers and highly qualified and competent technologists at CTP worked for several years in the development of microfibrillated cellulose production and use for different new applications, including  for papers and boards. 

For its research projects and the design of its NaMiCell pilot plant, CTP conducted an extensive review on the different technologies available on the market for converting lignocellulosic fibres into microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), taking into account the properties of cellulosic fibres and the viscosity of the produced MFC suspension (gel-like structure). After some preliminary tests, CTP decided to invest in a high-pressure homogeniser and choose GEA high-pressure homogenising technology for continuing its research activity on this promising topic.

The reasons that led to CTP to adopt GEA homogenizers are different, but some of the main reasons are due to the robustness of the proposed technology against abrasive cellulosic products and to the easy use of the technology, especially in conducting the machine and changing of spare parts. Another important advantage is the homogenizer technology to be scaled-up for a continuous industrial production. this last point is crucial for CTP missions towards the industry to transfer the applied research to the industrial reality. 

In order to adapt the GEA technology to the cellulose material and production environment, the close collaboration between CTP and GEA proves once again a winning in the technology world homogenization, bringing the company to a leadership position in the field of cellulose.

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NanoVALVE high pressure

Nanovalve Hp

NanoVALVE HP has been designed with the aim of extending the concept of NanoVALVE even at high pressures (up to 700 bar) and to offer advantages especially in terms of homogenization effect and energy savings of new applications.
Plants as nanocellulose resource


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