Photos Photiades Breweries is one of the most technologically advanced breweries in the world, and the largest brewery in Cyprus.

So, when it was time for the company to upgrade the facility’s entire beer processing line and implement a fully automated process control system, Photos Photiades Breweries turned to GEA as its “trusted partner.” Rising to the challenge, and working hand-in-hand with the brewery to meet the most exacting requirements, GEA tailored a complete, turnkey upgrade and expansion. The Photos Photiades Breweries site now boasts seamless and fully automated control of beer processing, online quality monitoring, and highly flexible operation, so that it can stay agile in competitive, fast-changing markets.


Dedication to excellence and quality

Established in 1963 through acquisition of the oldest Cypriot brewery, the Leon Brewery, Photos Photiades Breweries today operates a state-of-the-art facility that produces lager beers (Carlsberg, Leon and Krauzer Brau), zero alcohol Carlsberg beer as well as malt drinks. And as the first ever company – back in 1969 – to be granted a production license for Carlsberg beer outside of Denmark. Photos Photiades Breweries has also three times won the Best Carlsberg Beer in the World award. 

The Photo Photiades Group’s philosophy of excellence, and dedication to the highest quality and standards, has driven continued investment in and improvement to the brewery.  In 2017, the company made the decision to expand and upgrade its entire beer processing line, including installation of a fully automated process control solution that would supersede the existing, semi-automated system. Not only would the new system facilitate compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards, it would also provide significant benefits in terms of flexibility, quality control, and real-time process monitoring. And by expanding and upgrading the beer processing site end-to end, Photos Photiades Breweries would have the capacity and flexibility to diversify and innovate with new products to serve both local and international markets. 


By selecting state-of-the-art GEA technology to ensure the high quality of our beers, this new investment provides the flexibility to deliver innovative new products, enables us to remain competitive, and to explore new prospects both at home and abroad.” - George Ierodiaconou, General Manager Photos Photiades Breweries

GEA selected as trusted partner

GEA had previously installed a cutting edge refrigeration plant at the Photos Photiades Breweries.  As the latter’s already trusted partner, offering proven technological expertise and industry knowhow, the GEA team was delighted to be selected to configure and install the technologies for the new brewery upgrade and expansion. 

Aiming to increase its production capacity from 350,000 hl/a, to 500,000 hl/a, the Photos Photiades Breweries project comprised a complete turnkey upgrade of the beer processing line. The scope of the upgrade and expansion included modifications to the yeast plant, fermentation and maturation cellars, and installation of a new centrifuge and membrane filtration plant. In addition, a new bright beer tank area was configured, and a clean-in-place (CIP) system was added to the filtrate and unfiltrate area. GEA also supplied a VARIDOX-H water deaeration system to remove dissolved gas. The fully integrated line was customized to seamlessly fit with Photos Photiades Breweries’ existing automation systems.


Completed in two phases, taking 16 months in total, the project met all of Photos Photiades Breweries expectations. The new, upgraded line offers greater process flexibility and multiple operation modes, as well as improved hygiene, thanks to the new CIP plant. The user-friendly, intuitive process control solution enables continued, and automated monitoring of critical parameters that can affect the function of key technologies, such as the membrane filtration system. Keeping these critical systems operating optimally helps to ensure a top quality final product. 

Importantly, the cutting-edge solution makes it possible to access remote support when on-site visits are not possible. Rapid response by the GEA team, whether in person, or remotely, minimized the risk of unexpected delays during (and after) the commissioning phase.

George Ierodiaconou, General Manager of Photos Photiades Breweries, commented: “By selecting state-of-the-art GEA technology to ensure the high quality of our beers, this new investment provides the flexibility to deliver innovative new products, enables us to remain competitive, and to explore new prospects both at home and abroad. Once again, we’re pleased to have placed our trust in a reliable business partner with the technological expertise and cutting-edge know-how that will enable us to reach our goals.”