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The specialty and fine chemicals sector generates a vast range of formulations and specifications, and this means that no two process solutions are identical. Whether the target chemical is an intermediate or an advanced end product, a high level of process, chemical and engineering knowledge are needed to enable the design and delivery of the optimal process solution.
A wide range of technologies

GEA offers a wide range of technologies and tailor-made solutions for the production of specialty & fine chemicals. The portfolio comprises technologies for:

• Separation
• Filtration
• Evaporation
• Distillation & rectification
• Homogenization
• Melt crystallization
• Drying & particle processing
• Exhaust gas cleaning

We can supply a wide range of plants, from facilities for the production of a specific products, to multi-purpose plants with the capacity to produce quantities ranging from a few kilos to many tons per hour. Our expertise covers:

  • Advanced ceramics, cemented carbides/hard metals and related products
  • Fine chemicals, pigments & dyestuff, lithium-ion compounds, a.o.
  • Cellulose and wood-based chemicals

GEA’s high-performance process systems and extensive application know-how provide our customers with a competitive advantage that results from production at higher rates and at tighter specifications, together with reduced costs and improved efficiency. Our plants all comply with the complex safety requirements of the chemicals industry.
To ensure that we provide the optimal process and plant solution for each client, our process specialists are available for both test work and process development. Our focus on project management  – from the earliest stages of the project through to the plant coming on stream according to schedule – not only ensures the alignment of all stakeholders, but also that the project meets all KPIs.
Our commitment does not stop with handing over of the plant. A comprehensive service and upgrade program is available to guarantee both the performance and the longevity of the plant.   

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