Petrochemicals & organic chemicals

Production of organic base chemicals

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The petrochemicals industry produces organic base chemicals from refinery products. These products are often intermediates that are further processed into end products for the general consumer.
Efficiency and safety in the strongest possible bond

GEA process solutions are built on our key technologies and equipment, including:

  • Mechanical and thermal separation
  • Distillation & rectification
  • Melt & solution crystallization
  • Drying & particle processing
  • Vacuum generation
  • Exhaust gas cleaning

Our plants are built according to the strictest health and safety regulations and comply with the codes and standards of the petrochemicals industry. Our equipment is capable of handling the risks associated with the everyday use of concentrated acids, high pressures, and flammable or explosive substances.

GEA provides solutions for the concentration, purification and separation of organic products, such as:

  • MDI
  • Nitration of aromatics
  • Cellulose and derivatives
  • Paraffin emulsion
  • Waxes
  • Peroxides
  • Amines
  • Polyaminealcohols
  • Organic acids

GEA provides tailored process solutions in close dialogue with the customer. Our expertise in technology, process design and engineering, coupled with our knowledge of the petrochemical industry, makes us a highly competent partner. GEA in addition offers a wide range of technology for gas cleaning. This includes dust collection, dry and wet processes for removing gaseous pollutants from process gases, separating heavy metals, abating acid gas, dioxins and furans and other emission-relevant off-gas components.

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