Industrial effluent

Zero liquid discharge

A global environmental awareness and focus on conserving water and water pollution has led to increasingly stringent regulations on the use and discharge of industrial water. GEA’s zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology is ideally placed to enable many sectors of industry to clean and recycle their process water, and recover valuable chemicals and compounds.

Recovering marketable by products with ZLD systems

ZLD systems are designed to remove dissolved solids from wastewater and return distilled water back to the process. GEA’s ZLD technologies allow industrial processes to conform with environmental regulations, and are specially designed to capture valuable salts from waste streams before disposal, to generate value-added revenues.

Different technologies are commonly combined to achieve full ZLD. These might include ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, centrifugal separation, evaporation, crystallization, salting out and drying. GEA can provide a complete portfolio of technologies for recovering valuable by products that can be commercialized.

We have custom-designed and supplied numerous ZLD treatment systems, for example, for coal-fired power plants and waste incinerators. These systems effect heavy metals precipitation, evaporation with seeding (as an anti-scaling measure) and crystallization. We also have many years of experience in the handling of corrosive materials, which means that we can tailor the design and construction of each plant in corrosion-resistant materials, as required.

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