Industrial effluent

Industrial waste water

Numerous sectors of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries process organic and inorganic fluids. Many of these fluids, such as solvents, have inherent value, and others contain valuable chemical compounds or other substances, such as minerals or nutrients, including proteins. The water itself is also a valuable resource that should be reclaimed and recycled where possible.

GEA is a world-leading manufacturer of thermal-mechanical process engineering, with core competencies in evaporation, distillation and membrane filtration. We can also design tailor-made plants for the special requirements, including additional upstream or downstream process steps. Using our processes and plants you can be guaranteed to achieve optimum results for the water quality and for the recovery of valuable substances.

GEA’s decanters, separators and cross-flow filtration technologies represent effective mechanical separation solutions for the first stage of separating industrial fluids. After membrane pre-treatment, all types of evaporators are used to partially recover the valuable liquid stream and to concentrate the remaining waste stream.The system is commonly combined with vapor wash columns and distillation columns to purify the recovered water as far as possible. Waste heat resources and mechanical vapor recompression make sure that energy consumption is minimized and heat recovery optimized.

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