Fuel Ethanol

Fuel Ethanol is produced either for blending with gasoline, or for conversion into the fuel additive ETBE (ethyl tertiary butyl ether). Different raw materials are used for the fuel ethanol production. The most common are corn and sugar cane, followed by cassava, sorghum, wheat and rye. More recent innovations include the commercialization of fuel ethanol production from cellulosic feedstock, and this method is likely to gain ground in the market over the coming years.

GEA designs and deliver complete process lines for the production of fuel alcohol. Our technologies cover all major steps:

  • Raw material milling & mashing
  • Fermentation
  • Purification by centrifugal separation
  • Distillation and ethanol drying
  • Concentration of solubles by evaporation
  • Drying of DDGS (distillers dried grains and solubles)

GEA’s systems are renowned for their energy efficiency and maximum production yield. Our heat-integrated processes employ sophisticated technologies including mechanical vapor recompression, multi stage distillation and evaporation, and heat optimized mashing systems.

Our experience in other alcohol markets, including beverages, as well as the fuel alcohol industry, means that we have extensive experience in production processes involving a wide range of raw materials. Using this global experience we can work with each client to tailor solutions to maximize efficacy and efficiency for each project’s requirements.

Outstanding performance and reliability

GEA’s engineering services support customers’ projects from the initial feasibility studies, to basic and detailed engineering, EPC for process plant or plant section, and commissioning and start up. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and after sales service plans to ensure that each plant continues to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability. 

Flexible and scalable

Our scope of supply is flexible and can be adapted to project situation. We offer engineering services to support our customers projects from the first planning phases until commissioning and start up

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • EPC for Process plant or plant sections
  • Commissioning & start up 
  • Maintenance and after sales service

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