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“I want to push my company beyond its comfort zone.”

Niklas Gerlieb
Product Owner Customer Engagement SFT

Niklas Gerlieb

For me, GEA Digital is all about collaboration. I bring my deep knowledge of GEA customers to the table and have the pleasure of working with technical and business experts across company. We share a common goal: to get scalable digital innovations to market as quickly as possible. In Customer Engagement, we are developing a portal for digital interaction between GEA and its customers – a single point of access to all of GEA’s digital services. The collaboration is fast-paced and highly interdisciplinary. And part of what makes this GEA Digital network so strong is that we’re still encouraged to act independently (and sometimes unconventionally), which allows us to be truly outcome-driven and close to the customer.

My personal goal is to constantly evolve, learn and apply new technologies, to think creatively (whether inside or outside the box) and help develop innovative business models. And I want to push my company beyond its comfort zone. GEA Digital creates the right environment for this. We're embedded in a large corporation, so we benefit from the infrastructure and resources it provides, but the atmosphere is more like a startup. We’re encouraged to take an agile approach – to work fast, test early and involve users and customers from the beginning. The focus is on knowing the customer’s point of view and collaborating with them when designing and testing solutions. And that’s my way of working.

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"GEA Digital" stands for the development of digital solutions combined with the establishment of new business models as well as the digitalization of the GEA customer experience.
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