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Jasmin Wehmeier
The assistant to GEA’s Chief Human Resources Officer

Jasmin Wehmeier - meet GEA people

With three kids, a challenging and demanding job and a rigorous training schedule for ultramarathons of up to 160 km, Jasmin Wehmeier is no stranger to multi-tasking and seems to effortlessly take everything in stride. The assistant to GEA’s Chief Human Resources Officer at HQ in Düsseldorf, Germany, loves testing her limits.

Striking a balance

“My husband and I have three children,” says Jasmin. “Our 21-year-old daughter wants to be a doctor, our 18-year-old daughter wants to study media design after graduating from high school and our son is 12. He goes to an inclusive school and needs additional support because of his disability. After our second daughter was born, my husband and I switched: he started working part-time and I went full-time. We make a good team. In my previous job at an automotive supplier, I had a two-hour commute every day. I loved the work I was doing but wanted to spend more time with my family and have more job satisfaction.” 

An immediate connection

Three years ago, right in the middle of the pandemic, Jasmin found the professional challenge she was looking for closer to home, with GEA. “A previous manager of mine pointed out the vacancy to me. I hadn’t heard of GEA but immediately noticed a similarity with the automotive world: People are only familiar with the end product – the automobile – but don’t know what or who is behind it;  it’s often the same with GEA. I was surprised and impressed by how many different products and sectors GEA supports.” 

Jasmin has nothing but good memories of her job interview with her future manager. “Because of Covid-19, we did it over Microsoft Teams. I had prepared well, and the interview was going smoothly until suddenly my son came in to show me his new pants. My manager was very understanding – he’s a father himself – and it was clear to me right then and and there that we were a good fit. We’ve been working together very happily for three years now. As his assistant, I manage his appointments, organize business trips and keep an eye on several other topics. I’m also involved in various HR-related projects at GEA, including  employer branding. My job gives me enormous satisfaction: I love taking on a task and getting it done, working with lots of people and bouncing ideas off them. I don’t shy away from any challenge.” 

Jasmin Wehmeier at Athens marathon
Pushing the limits

Besides enjoying family life and having a busy job, Jasmin has an unusual hobby: long-distance running. “I started running quite late in life, at the age of 35. My husband and I both danced in a Latin group for many years, but we took up running after our third child was born. After six months of training, I ran my first half-marathon and a year later I finished my first marathon. I felt I could push myself more but didn’t have time to train to run faster, so I decided to run longer distances. In 2017, I celebrated my birthday by running my first ultramarathon of 50 km and since then I’ve done one or two ultramarathons and four or five marathons a year. One of my highlights is definitely the “TorTour de Ruhr”, a 160 km ultramarathon along Germany’s Ruhr River where the finish line is the point where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine. I also love long runs in the mountains, surrounded by the beauty of nature. I think of running as me-time. Come rain or shine, I love the glorious feeling of freedom it gives me.”

“Even if you cross the line alone, it’s the people around you who propel you over it.”

Jasmin Wehmeier

The assistant to GEA’s Chief Human Resources Officer

Always a team effort

“Performing at a high level is never something you do alone, and I think that’s the key to any success, whether it’s privately or professionally. At home I have my family; with running I’ve built a great network of training partners over the years; and at work I have a whole bunch of amazing GEA colleagues around the globe. I see a lot of parallels between ‘my’ different worlds. For example, good planning is half of any success; never give up and always keep persevering; and turn a setback into an advantage. I visualize my goal and go for it. That’s who I am and what I believe in. At the same time, I realize how lucky I am to have my family, friends and colleagues in my life. Even if you cross the line alone, it’s the people around you who propel you over it.” 


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