Reducing Carbon Footprint


The connection between our energy usage and the well-being of the planet is a direct one: less power consumption means fewer toxic fumes released by power plants, a better conservation of natural resources and protection of ecosystems from abuse and destruction. Reducing the overall energy intake contributes directly to a healthier and better world.

The challenge

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are vital for the survival of all living species on Earth, however, the industrial footprint of humans has meant extremely high emissions over the span of many decades that have elevated the planet´s temperature to a point where it is wreaking havoc on all ecosystems, provoking natural disasters and bringing many other consequences which scope and scale we can only begin to imagine.

The United Nations calls for drastic action today if the mitigation targets are to be achieved and energy efficiency is a key element for it.

Our take

With responsible business management and concrete actions towards our 2040 net-zero target, we are pursuing the most comprehensive and ambitious climate strategy in the mechanical engineering industry.

GEA has been known for well over a century for being a pioneer in advanced process design. As such, we offer a comprehensive array of energy optimized processes and energy recovery solutions for process industries that impacts our customers´ GHG emission level for the better and helps them reduce their CO2 Footprint by means of:

Energy Efficiency - Saving energy

Our award-winning patented energy concepts with MVR technology have helped our customers reduce their energy costs by up to 40%. Commodity suppliers choose GEA because of our deep process-and-technology know how, developed and constantly improved thanks to generation after generation of highly qualified engineering talent.


Energy Recovery - Recovering waste energy 

GEA uses the ORC principle to turn waste heat into valuable resources like power, compressed air or steam, allowing our customers to save more than 200 tons of CO2 per year.

Investing in energy recovery measures means that our customers´ plants become medium-term strategic assets that give added value to their end produce while helping preserve our environment for future generations. 


Carbon Capture & Storage - CO2 saving technologies  

Technologies for carbon capture, storage and utilization (CCS / CCU) involve trapping CO2 where it is produced at factories and fossil-fuel-burning power plants. Especially valuable in industries where the energy related CO2 emissions are accompanied by process-related emissions and therefore cannot be avoided by reducing the energy demand of the process or switching to alternative fuels, it allows for the capturing of CO2 before it is released to the atmosphere, then utilizing or storing it is a viable option for minimizing the greenhouse effect. GEA offers diverse effective solutions like waste heat recovery and gas pre-treatment technologies as well as carbon capture solutions to support CO2 reduction and carbon reuse. All are well established strategies that enable carbon footprint reduction, helping our customers meet, and often exceed, legal emission requirements with the lowest possible energy consumption.


Energy Utilization - substituting the energy source 

GEA is a frontrunner when it comes to developing new solutions for heat exchanging processes, pioneering in the field of substituting cooling refrigerants for natural refrigerants.


Process Development - R&D support to develop smart processes 

At GEA, our expertise and know how are at our customers´ disposal. We provide not only the most suitable solutions but also the equipment for all kind of separation processes as well. Be it liquid or solid separation, for fluids or powders and either in laboratory activity or industrial production scale. We got you covered.

When Chemistry Works With Engineering

GEA is taking bold action helping manufacturers worldwide embrace more sustainable, less wasteful and more energy-efficient and cost-effective procedures and processes.



To find out more on how GEA is taking bold action helping manufacturers worldwide embrace more sustainable, less wasteful and more energy-efficient and cost-effective procedures and processes.
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