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GEA processing units for non-alcoholic beverage production

Discover technologies for your success: GEA Process Units for extraordinary beverages.

A process line works best with all its component parts, so get ahead of the curve with our selection of advanced non-alcoholic beverage processing equipment. 

Producing non-alcoholic beverages, whether still or sparkling, requires a certain knowhow to ensure optimum product quality, assured product safety, efficient process operation and sustainable engineering solutions. For decades GEA has been the partner of choice to the beverage industry delivering engineering excellence for a better world.


Continuous In-line Blending

GEA DICON® continuous in-line blending concept for the beverage industry.


Beverage Pasteurization

Range of standardized, and customized continuous pasteurization solutions that can be used for hot filling, cold aseptic filling or ultra clean filling of non-alcoholic beverages for small to large batch sizes.


Water Deaeration System

GEA has developed the DIOX two-stage deaeration systems for use by the juice and soft drinks industries.


Batch Mixing Systems

GEA’s modular DIBATCH batch mixing platform has been designed to offer quality, flexibility and efficiency for manufacturers of beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks and juices.


Carbonation Systems

The GEA carbonating system type DICAR-C has been designed for continuous high-accuracy carbonation of non-alcoholic beverages and is mainly applied in the carbonated soft drinks industry.


Sugar Dissolving Systems

Developed by GEA - a robust, versatile family of GEA DISUGAR equipment that gives you flexibility to add and dissolve sugar using either a batch or continuous process, and with or without pasteurization.


Mixer/Carbonator Systems

The GEA carbonating system type DIMIX-C has been designed for high-precision continuous mixing and carbonation of soft drinks.


Sugar Converting Systems

Enzyme technology to naturally reduce the sugar content of fresh juice drinks by up to 80 percent, without affecting nutritional value, mouthfeel or texture.


Test center

GEA Test Centers: a playground for success.

From new product and feasibility trials to scale-up studies and process support, we believe that our services greatly benefit anyone involved in industrial R&D, equipment selection, process optimization and product development. Use our competence and our comprehensive process test options to drive innovation, increase your knowledge, improving performance of your plant and shorten time to market.
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