GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling

GEA's Test Center located in Ahaus, Germany, is a key pilot study facility for hygienic processing and filling of liquid dairy, food, new food, beverage and home & personal care products.

GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling is located in Ahaus, Germany.

Your needs are critical and individual and our test center has been designed to meet those needs

The capital expense involved in building a manufacturing plant for liquid and filling processes can be substantial, so when selecting equipment, and refining recipes and processes, there is little room for error. Each product and each application is different, and to be effective in a highly competitive market, plants must be optimized to achieve the requisite characteristics and productivity, right from the start. 

Our GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling located in Ahaus, Germany is dedicated to working with customers reflecting their complex product requirements and overcoming processing challenges. By testing the product under realistic conditions before investing, customers ensure that processes are perfected and proven before scaling up production. 

From initial testing to commercial production, GEA can offer a wide range of process equipment to help drive continuous product improvement.

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Scaling up reproducible results

Our team of experts, all of whom work closely with our customers, are on hand to assist with the smallest of details and provide the certainty needed to get a clear view of how to move forward.


Invest with confidence

The GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling provides a considerable range of equipment and process flexibility to meet every customer’s needs.


Novozymes explain how oat drinks can be produced

From raw materials handling and mixing, decanting, formulation, UHT treatment through to filling & packaging - see how GEA does it all at our test center.

Equipped to create the product of tomorrow

The Ahaus Test Center provides solutions to complex product requirements, giving customers the opportunity of assessing the feasibility of their products ahead of investing in high-value capital equipment. It allows manufacturers to reduce development cycles, enhance recipes and processes, and all whilst ensuring product quality.

The Test Center offers a range of test units: 

A process line works best with all its component parts

Whether you are developing a new market entry or simply optimizing an existing product we can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way. 

Customers can trial and develop a formulation and our expertise covers many applications.


The GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling in Ahaus, Germany, features a pilot line to produce sensitive food and beverages. Its facilities span all processes from mixing raw materials through thermally treating the starting products to aseptic filling into containers. This picture shows the filtering of ready-to-drink tea on a GEA Plug&Win centrifuge. Image: GEA/Mike Henning


GEA expands capacities at Ahaus Test Center with two new modules

GEA Ahaus installs test plant for sugar reduction in juices


GEA Ahaus installs test plant for sugar reduction in juices

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