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GEA Food Processing and Packaging technology centers

Want to learn, experiment and innovate, without the risk of disturbing your day-to-day production? Our Technology Centers for Food Processing and Packaging are the place to go.

GEA Technology Center Bakel Team Food Solutions

Playground with countless opportunities

Welcome to our Technology Centers for Food Processing and Packaging! We understand that as a business owner, you want to innovate and improve your operations without risking the disturbance of your day-to-day production. That's where we come in. Our test centers are designed to partner with our customers, working together as a team to enhance the operational and financial performance of their businesses.

The technology centers, located throughout Europe and North America, each specialize in a specific area of food processing and packaging, from preparation, to slicing and packaging. Led by experienced food technologists, our flexible facilities allow for testing on individual pieces of equipment or complete processing lines.

We carefully evaluate the results of these tests, modifying processes as needed to achieve optimal product yield and quality, while remaining cost-effective. So come explore our Technology Centers for Food Processing and Packaging and take your business to the next level.

Technology Center Bakel hall
Employer of choice - Bakel

Preparation | Marination | Processing | Freezing

Technology Center Bakel, the Netherlands

Our Food Solutions Technology Center in Bakel (The Netherlands) is the place to go. It is your own playground with countless opportunities to validate your new food products before going to full-scale production. And help is always by your side: our experts are happy to give you a hand and think along in getting the most out of your product.

Whether you are testing a new set-up in your production flow or running a trial to optimise your food product: our team of food technologists is there for you.

Tim Pessers

Technology Center Bakel

Technology Center Frisco | Food Processing & Packaging

Processing | Slicing & Loading | Packaging

Technology Center Frisco, Texas USA

Located just outside Dallas, Texas our GEA Technology Center provides customers with the ability to test their existing products as well as products in development using our comprehensive line of processing and packaging equipment.

Our new, state-of-the-art facility provides customers with the opportunity to test and train on over 40 pieces of GEA equipment. We’ve found that customers benefit by evaluating processes for yield, quality and economic viability without disruption to their own processing and packaging lines.

Saad Toosy

Technology Center Frisco

Seafood and fish processing & packaging people

Processing | Slicing | Loading| Thermoforming Packaging | Vertical Packaging

XLab Wallau, Germany

The XLAB, in Wallau Germany, is the main technology and application center for slicing, loading and packaging. We are up-to-date with all environmental friendly packages such as a combination of film and fiber-based or mono-plastic materials. Come visit us and get inspired by our application experts!

We offer our customers with the XLAB a unique feature: testing under real production conditions! This is happening thanks to the possibility of cooling down to 0°C the complete hall, not just the product to slice and pack.

Detlef Volmer

Manager XLAB Wallau


Giving you a jump-start

Installing and getting to know your equipment can be a struggle. Save yourself some time, by letting us validate your GEA equipment before installing it at your site. Once your machines are installed, you are ready to go.

Stay ahead with knowledge - Bakel Technology Center

Stay ahead with knowledge

We believe in sharing knowledge, creating partnerships and co-creation. With ingredient suppliers, universities and institutes, we define new processes, explore new food concepts and validate innovative technology.

Let’s test, remotely at Technology center Bakel

Let’s test, remotely

We are always there for you – even at distance. So if you can’t make it to our Technology Center, we’ll just do the testing for you. We design a test based on your objectives and show you everything that happens.

Steffen Eschenroeder

GEA Food Processing & Packaging technology centers

Let's test before you invest

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