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Already thousands of dairy farms worldwide are milking with GEA’s DairyRobot automated milking systems. On the one hand, it’s successful farmers who care about milk quality and animal well-being, on the other hand there are all the committed GEA dealers and employees who are always at their side – together these people make up TeamDairyRobot, which is growing daily. Take the next step with us and become part of the team! 
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Our best milking robots of all time

The DairyRobot product line offers a wide variety of individual design options for your dairy farm. Whether as a single box system, multi box system or rotary milking parlor, and whether for free milking times, guided cow traffic or fixed milking times – automated milking with GEA provides you with the most modern milking technology.
Dairy Robot Edition 2021

An update that benefits everyone

Every DairyRobot guarantees an excellent milking process: safe, gentle, fast and complete. Now, numerous new developments mean it is even more intelligent and optimizations and sustainable energy management provide even more efficiency: get to know the Edition 2021 and see for yourself how we have lowered the system’s operational and service costs even further!*
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How robots ensure equality and health in the barn

Fully automated freestall barn with four GEA DairyRobot R9500 milking boxes – The cows’ well-being is the top priority in the milking facility and barn

team dairyrobot

Female-owned dairy farms upgrade their facility with the latest AMS state-of-the-art technology to improve milking efficiency and herd health

Female owned dairy farm upgrade milk efficiency and herd hygiene, with the latest GEA Automated Milking System

Sweden backeby farm

Sustainable milk production goes hand in hand with animal welfare and high quality

When focusing on animal health and optimal feed supply, high quality milk and high performance come almost automatically

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“Feel-good” atmosphere from free stall up to rotary milking parlor: How a Czech farm cooperative becomes a role model

“Feel-good” atmosphere for 545 cows in the Czech Republic: from free stall up to rotary milking parlor GEA DairyProQ

Automated milking Scotland

Automated milking reduces labour costs and increases productivity for Scottish farm family

Scottish farm experiencing high labour costs and managing time between their dairy and arable business. Find out how automation helped solve these challenges.

Douglas Goin farm

Brazilian farmer revolutionizes its business with GEA Monobox

Since August 2017 the traditional process of milk harvesting at the Brazilian farm Godallatte has been replaced by a more modern operation based on the GEA Monobox automated milking system.

gea r9500 agrar cottbus west

Planning and creating sustainability right from the start in GEA’s largest automated milking facility in Europe

Planning and creating sustainability right from the start in GEA’s largest automated milking facility in Europe

gea dairyproq vyefield farm canada

Pioneering Pays Off: How cutting-edge milking technology promotes animal health and a more attractive workplace

The Kielstras knew right away that GEA’s automated rotary milking parlor DairyProQ would help them realize their dream of a faster, more efficient operation with healthier animals

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