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The accumulated experience, flexibility and spirit of innovation typical of an Italian company based in Parma, perfectly combined with the quality and reliability of an international German Group, make GEA the worldwide leader in homogenizer technology.

In the food, dairy, cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical fields, the Ariete Series and the One Series stand for innovation and expertise.

Ariete Series

This versatile and completely customizable product line includes 15 models suitable for a wide range of applications: dairy, food and beverage, pharma, biotech, chemical and personal care.

More than 300 options are available to customize the machines according to your process needs. Among these, the Energy Savings package is the complete sustainability kit to optimize resources and reduce consumption with GEA homogenizers. 

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Energy savings package

“Engineering for a better world” is the claim that GEA chooses to embody the company’s commitment to operating responsibly in an environmentally-friendly way.

The Ariete Series is fully equipped to meet energy saving needs, offering a dedicated range of peripheral devices created to optimize resource consumption for industrial high-pressure homogenizers.

Gearbox oil cooling unit

This is the unit designed to keep the lubricating oil temperature under control. With integrated forced ventilation, this machine provides lube oil circulation by means of a suitable gear pump through a finned type heat exchanger. It guarantees adequate lubricant properties for protecting moving parts, without thermal degradation or ageing which may occur at higher temperatures and reduce the oil’s lifetime.

Oil Purification System

The GEA Oil Purification System (OPS) is the by-pass filtration unit which guarantees a continuous oil regeneration by removing particles, water and corrosive gases, so enhancing oil lifetime, quality and safety. 

This unit works independently from the homogenizer so its maintenance does not affect machine operation and allows a huge costs and time saving for customers. 

The GEA Oil Purification System (OPS) is the by-pass filtration unit which guarantees continuous oil regeneration by removing particles, water and corrosive gases, thereby enhancing oil lifetime, quality and safety. This unit works independently from the homogenizer, so it can be serviced without affecting machine operation, which generates huge cost and time saving for customers.

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The sterile water generator that saves up to 90% of water and steam in aseptic production.

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One Series

One Series perfectly pairs high-quality manufacturing with easy use and maintenance, thanks to its limited number of component parts. 

Models in the One Series are ideal for processing dairy and beverage products such as: pasteurized flavored milk, cream, milk for yogurt, cheese, yogurt drinks, dressings and fruit juice. The high-efficiency, abrasion-resistant homogenizing valve guarantees correct micronization for excellent quality and long physical stability. 

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