How it works and how you optimize yield

Protein decanter working principle

Maximize yield with Varipond P

Protein flocs tend to float on the pond’s surface instead of settling to the bowl wall.  This makes it likely that you will lose protein via the liquid discharge during production if you allow liquid to discharge over a basic weir. Our Varipond P includes a floaters disc which forces liquid to discharge beneath the surface.  By adding the additional disc and applying pressurized air, the pond depth is increased and more protein flocs are captured, maximizing your protein yield.

GEA Plant-based Protein Technologies

Plant-based Protein Technologies – A Comprehensive Webinar Series

Interested in finding out what it takes to enter the plant-based meat alternative category? The technologies and processes you need are available and waiting for you to discover.
Pass the protein, please

Pass the protein, please

The alternative protein market is diversifying and growing quickly, given massive consumer and industrial demand. Today, protein from plants and microorganisms is widely used in lieu of animal protein in foodstuffs, as functional ingredients and in feed. GEA is constantly developing and adapting its processing solutions to accommodate new raw materials, with a focus on improving protein quality and yield while ensuring the efficient use of resources during production.


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