Pilot decanter and separator skids

Simple integration, reliable test results

Test before invest

Pilot centrifuges help you to test new feedstocks or recipes for new or better plant-based proteins.

Are you looking for new products, applications or formulas for plant proteins or protein containing end products? Do you want to develop meat substitutes for vegetarian products? Are you investigating new raw materials and their qualification to serve as new protein sources, e.g. mung beans, rapeseed or fungi? Are you looking for ways to add more value to your existing raw material?

Then our pre-assembled pilot separator and decanter skids will help you find the answers. Use them to easily produce first samples, test and process different raw materials and create proof of concepts for different protein meals.

The pilot centrifuges are ideal

  • For Start-ups to research and find alternative resources or recipes for future industrial-scale plant protein production
  • As pilot skids for global players in protein recovery
  • For institutes to develop and produce basic products for further research and development

Try before buy

Our pilot centrifuges for plant-based protein applications are even ideal for anyone who has great ideas but not enough funding yet. With our attractive “try before buy” program you can get yourself a centrifuge for a monthly fee so that you can start testing and verifying your ideas before funding is completely finalized. And the best thing: you will not lose the already spent fee when purchasing the machine at a later date because we will credit it against the purchase price.  

This program gives you utmost flexibility with your budget and funding plans and offers reduced time-to-market when investing in new ideas in this dynamic market.

Scout separators

Scout separators for product development

The flexible one

Our scout separators cover the entire possible process spectrum for separators due to the different available bowl types and thus, offer utmost flexibility for testing all kinds of different plant-based raw materials.

Separators are liquid-oriented centrifuges and can handle products with a solid content from 1 – max. 25 Vol.%

Examples for feedstock can be algae, soy, peas, chickpeas, mung beans, etc. Process stages are clarification, concentration as well as separation of protein streams.

Pilot decanters

Pilot decanter skids

The solid one

Our pilot decanters come in two different sizes and models: a simple to operate and cost-optimized beginner model and an advanced version with many process optimization features.

Decanters are solids-oriented centrifuges because they can handle products with a solid content of up to 60 Vol.%

Examples of feedstocks are soy, peas, chickpeas, mung beans etc. Typical process stages are protein extraction, concentration and washing.

GEA Plug&Win skids

Plug&Win separator skids for new product development

The convenient one

OurPlug&Win skids come fully automatic, can be integrated into existing processes effortlessly and make sure you always get the best separation results all by themselves due to their self-thinker feature. There are four different sizes available, from pilot up to even small industrial scale.

Separators are liquid-based centrifuges and can handle products with a solid content from 1 – max. 25 Vol.%

Examples for feedstock can be algae, soy, peas, chickpeas, mung beans, etc. Process stages are primarily clarification of protein streams.

Product and process insights you can realize with GEA pilot equipment

  • Yield and purity - for the protein as well as all the side streams
  • Water demand and waste water composition (e.g. COD)
  • Funtional properties (e.g. solubility)
  • Nutritional composition (e.g. fat content)
  • Sensory properties (e.g. taste, color)
  • Scale up reliability to industrial size
  • Product samples for pre-marketing

GEA pilot equipment is a solid base for your investment decisions.

GEA Plant-based Protein Technologies

Plant-based Protein Technologies – A Comprehensive Webinar Series

Interested in finding out what it takes to enter the plant-based meat alternative category? The technologies and processes you need are available and waiting for you to discover.
Pass the protein, please

Pass the protein, please

The alternative protein market is diversifying and growing quickly, given massive consumer and industrial demand. Today, protein from plants and microorganisms is widely used in lieu of animal protein in foodstuffs, as functional ingredients and in feed. GEA is constantly developing and adapting its processing solutions to accommodate new raw materials, with a focus on improving protein quality and yield while ensuring the efficient use of resources during production.
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