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The pharmaceutical industry is a highly technological production environment with a proven history of manufacturing founded on well-established scientific principles. At GEA, based on many years of experience and successfully completed projects, we have developed a wealth of drug production expertise and know-how. And, having worked with many different formulations in numerous countries on countless applications, our understanding and familiarity with the processes and results that can be achieved with our equipment is second to none.

GPSC test center
Batch Processing Capabilities

Batch Processing Capabilities

From powder to coated tablet and from R&D to full-scale manufacturing, no other supplier offers such a wide range of batch technologies for oral solid dosage from production.

Continuous Processing Capabilities

Continuous Processing Capabilities

At GEA, we believe that continuous processing improves the quality of pharmaceutical end products by focusing on quality during the whole product lifecycle - not just "tested in" quality - and by understanding the capability...

Tablet Compression

Tablet Compression

The innovation that GEA has developed include a unique technology that independently and simultaneously measures and controls both tablet weight and hardness, and a weight control system that provides increased sensitivity at...


Other Test Locations

Apart from our main test facilities in Wommelgem, Halle and Columbia, MD, GEA has collaborations with a number of universities and private research institutes to offer trial opportunities in other regions worldwide.

Training - Process Support

Training & Process Support

GEA recognizes the important role that training plays in the proper use of its equipment. Whether the need is theory, general operational instruction or specific process-related guidance, GEA is focused on helping you learn to...

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