Net_0 configuration for homogenizers

Sustainability homogenizers

Making the world of homogenizers sustainable

The reduction of the consumption of valuable resources brings substantial benefits in terms of economy and environmental protection in the world of homogenizers. Modular expansion brings additional benefits, whether in the form of retrofitting options or accessories for new machines.

From NanoVALVE® to Oil Purification System – there are numerous options and devices for the homogenizer that can make a difference to realize savings. In the following, we provide an overview of the best configuration possible, the so-called Net_0, where the consumption of energy, water, oil, and product waste is significantly reduced.

Reimagine sustainability

Reimagine sustainability in liquids homogenization

GEA’s 75 years of experience in high-pressure homogenization have made a headstart in providing the optimal solution in any homogenization tasks. There are numerous options and devices engineered to make sustainable processes possible.

Homogenizing valves

From NanoValve® to NisoXValve, the various homogenizing valve designs are fundamentally important along with the valve geometry. In the end, our customers benefit from this through an increase in efficiency and a reduction in operating pressure, providing energy savings and optimal use of the ingredients and resources. 

NanoVALVE® – suitable for food, dairy, beverages, and chemical emulsions process

NanoVALVE®HP – high pressures (up to 700 bar), ready to offer advantages, especially in terms of homogenization effect and energy savings of new applications

NiSoX-Valve – this design optimizes different fluid dynamic effects, employing energy in the most efficient and effective way

When the goal is zero water consumption

When it comes to water as a resource, every drop counts – regardless of whether it is fresh or waste water. GEA homogenizers offer a choice of two systems for the reduction of the wastewater load in the parts of homogenizers that require cooling and lubrication – controlled circulation systems for piston lubrication and oil coolers. Zero wastewater systems pave the way to the future, particularly in countries that suffer from extreme water shortages.

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