GEA EngySpeed – for resource-saving dairy processing

The Power of Simplicity.

With the GEA EngySpeed series, we are taking a new approach to milk skimming. Our philosophy is based on smart simplification rather than pure performance enhancement. The product series features an “oversized” design and operates at a lower bowl speed. This allows us to significantly reduce energy requirements – while maintaining the same performance. Saving energy not only helps to reduce your operating costs and ensures that the centrifuge pays for itself quickly, but also makes an important contribution to reducing your Scope 2 emissions. 

GEA EngySpeed – The power of simplicity

Why you should choose GEA EngySpeed

The MSI skimming separators with GEA EngySpeed inspire a paradigm shift in the design of separators: Instead of smaller but faster rotating centrifuges, which are still standard in many places today, larger bowl diameters are now coming into play. 

For dairies, this means: the same throughput with less speed and less power requirement. The EngySpeed system reduces the power consumption of GEA milk skimmers by up to 40%. In addition, the lower bowl speed causes less stress and wear and thus extends the maintenance intervals of the drive unit. 

The new series is available for skimming capacities of 10,000 to 35,000 l/h.

Reduce your energy costs

Reduce your energy costs by up to 40%

GEA EngySpeed considerably reduces power consumption in the skimming process.

Increase the availability of your centrifuges

Increase the availability of your centrifuges

The lower bowl speed of EngySpeed reduces mechanical stress and wear. As a result, maintenance intervals of the drive unit can be extended.

Expand your production capacity if needed

Expand your production capacity if needed

The generous design of the separator allows larger product volumes to be reliably skimmed if required.

Elevate your production to a new level of sustainability

Reach new levels of sustainability

GEA EngySpeed effectively reduces CO2 emissions in the milk skimming process.

“The energy consumption of centrifuges correlates 
directly with their rotational speed: 10% fewer rpm means 20% lower energy costs.”

Jürgen Mackel

Vice President Product Line Separators

Use case GEA EngySpeed series

Use case: GEA Engy Speed series vs. regular skimming separator design


  • 25,000 l/h skimming capacity
  • 6,000 operating hours per year


  • 65,000 kWh per year*
  • 43.3 tons per year**

Amortization time:
2.5 years***

*An EngySpeed separator requires around 11 kW less energy than a regular skimming separator, which corresponds to a saving of around 40%. With around 6,000 operating hours per year, this results in a reduction in energy consumption of 65,000 kWh.
**Based on the greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation in Poland (year: 2022)
***depending on the individual energy costs

“Depending on the respective energy costs in the country and the utilization of the separator, a large machine will quickly pay for itself. It saves money after 2-3 years.”

Christian Becker

Product Manager Dairy Separation

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