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FOOD TECH MASTER - course on extruded food technologies

Want to upgrade your skills in pasta and snack pellet technologies? Join the GEA Academy course!

Food Tech Master

The FOOD TECH MASTER is a professional training course organized by GEA Academy with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise on pasta, snack pellets and breakfast cereals production technology.

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Food tech master sharing

Sharing expertise

Our courses are developed based on four key elements:


Being a Food Tech Master means having access to a series of lectures and information precisely developed by industry's specialists that will enable you to gain highly professionalizing know-how.


During the course you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the latest technology in the pasta and snack process, you will touch with your hands the machinery and the products that can be made with them, all explained by our expert food technologists.

By attending this course you will be part of a network of experts in the field: you will find professional figures similar to yours with whom to exchange information, ideas and opinions, thus helping to define the pasta and snack market of the future. 
Food Tech Master is a personal and professional growth experience that will enable you to bring knowledge and awareness worthy of a true master to your business.

Theoretical lesson

Topics will cover the entire process, from theoretical aspects to extremely pratical issues experiments.


Authoritative speaker

The seminars will be held by Professors of the academic community and Process Engineers of GEA Group.


Practice in pilot plants

The chance to see the machines in action and how they work.


Sensorial evaluation on product quality

Experience firsthand the production characteristics that enhance the quality of the finished product.

Complete training

Complete training

The seminars will be held by Professors of the academic community, industry leaders and Process Engineers from GEA. The topics will cover the entire production process, from theoretical aspects to extremely practical issues as trials in a pilot plant and panel tests for sensory evaluation.

Boost your career, become a Food Tech Master!

The Food Tech Master is a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry specialists, discuss current challenges and discover innovative solutions that will improve production processes.
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